Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games

Health and fitness are part of Nkasiri’s mission. Which is why we encourage interactive sports and challenges that not only keep you on your toes but also keeps the wheels in your brain turning.

After a day of fun and team building, the guest can unwind while interacting with each other over our board games, darts, Bad Minton, or the pool table at sh. 50/- per game.

At Nkasiri Adventure Park, we provide our clients with unlimited access to games and sports equipment. Access to our games and sports is free and are set as complimentary to the team building, buffet, and accommodation packages.

The packages include: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Cycling within the facility Archery and Board games

We also have a football, basketball and volleyball area that features sizeable pitches that are well enclosed and away from interruptions. Soon we will have water sports, currently our swimming pools are under construction