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Nkasiri Adventure Park

Nkasiri Adventure Park is Kenya’s premier camping, sports and recreation center. Home to Kenya’s best outdoor activities facilities.

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Zip Lining

Would you like to revel in a hair-raising aerial expedition that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up? Then strap in for an adrenaline packed ride that delivers the perfect punch to get your pulse racing.

High Ropes & Obstacles

High Ropes and Obstacles challenge is one of the best ways to put your adrenaline to test, and nowhere in Kenya will you have the best High Ropes and Obstacles challenges than at Nkasiri Adventure Park.


Nkasiri Adventure Park camping site was created for anyone who wants to enjoy nature without the trappings of civilized life. This camping site has mastered the art of providing a comfortable camping experience to its visitors.

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Whether you would like a family, corporate or individual camping package, Nkasiri Adventure Park already has it for you.

  • Sun Pods
  • Star Pods
  • Moon Pods
  • Pitched Tents
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Visit Nkasiri Adventure Park for an incredible camping experience with nature.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Where are you located?

    Nkasiri Adventure Park Acacia Main Feeder Rd, Kitengela.

  • What is Nkasiri Adventure Park?

    Nkasiri Adventure Park is Kenya’s premier camping, sports and recreation center and home to Kenya’s best outdoor activities facilities.

  • Do you also offer catering services?

    Yes we do. We specialize in outside catering services for Corporate events, Weddings, Parties, AGMs, Private events and Drop-offs. We love food and we love serving you.

  • What are the different accomodation options?

    1. Sun pods- Are newest pods , bigger in size, can be converted into twin beds. Has an super king pallet bed and are ensuite. (washroom are inside). Suitable for 2 people with separate beds or 2 people sharing the bed.

    2. Star pods- Are medium in size with a king size pallet bed and are ensuite (washroom inside). Suitable for 2 people to share the bed.

    3. Moon pods- Are modern glamping wooden tents with a queen size mattress placed on the floor. Suitable for 2 people sharing the mattress. They are not ensuite. Washrooms are 50 metres outside the pods and are shared.

  • Is the Adventure Park child friendly?

    Yes it is. We have age-appropriate activities: We offer a variety of activities tailored to different age groups, ensuring there's something fun and engaging for everyone, from toddlers to teenagers. This helps children feel included and allows them to participate in activities suitable for their developmental stage.

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